We have traditional, solid and mink Ragdoll kittens for sale !!!

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We are a proud recipient of the prestigious

TICA Outstanding Cattery Award


We are a small Cattery located in Lawrenceville, Georgia just 30 miles Northeast of Atlanta.   We are dedicated to producing healthy and loving Ragdoll cats.  Our Ragdoll kittens are raised underfoot with lots of love in my home with children and are to date with shots and deworming.  We guarantee the health of all my Ragdoll cats.  A Ragdoll cat will steal your heart and will make you wonder who owns who.

Baileys Ragdolls is licensed through Gwinnett County Business and also has a Pet Dealer License through the GA Department of Agriculture.  Should you have any questions or need to see either license, please feel free to contact us.

    Ragdolls have many characteristics similar to a dog such as retrieving toys, extreme loyalty to its owners, following you around everywhere, and are extremely devoted to you.  One of the most outstanding traits in a Ragdoll is their sweet temperament and unique personality.  They are loving, placid and easy-going, quiet cats.  Ragdolls love being with people and make excellent companions for children and adults.  This magnificent breed incorporates beauty, grace, gentleness, fun and love all into one adorable package.  Ragdolls are docile, large, affectionate and respond well to children and other pets.
    Ragdolls are slow to mature physically obtaining full maturity between three and four years of age.  Altered adults males may reach 15-20 pounds; females will weigh approximately five pounds less.  The Ragdolls fur is rabbit-like, medium long with little sheeding.  All Traditional Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes.  Minks and Solids have aqua or green eyes.
    Welcoming a Ragdoll to your home will be a wonderful and loving addition to your family.  You will soon learn just how special these cats really are and will understand the excitement that all of us have who own a Ragdoll feel about the breed.  Ragdolls quickly adapt to their new environment and new owner.   Ragdolls comes in various colors and patterns.  For detailed information - on colors and patterns, go to http://www.rfci.org/info/color_pattern.php.


We offer a health guarantee on congenital and hereditary defects on my Ragdoll kittens for sale.  All our Ragdolls are vet-checked and proven healthy before being released.  We feel this is offering the best to my customers along with my reputation and experience as a professional ragdoll breeder.