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We maintain high standards for breeding the Ragdolls.

What is a Mink Ragdoll?

The rare mink Ragdoll is not a new breed of Ragdoll.  It is a line of Ragdolls that can be traced all the way back to Ann Baker and the very first Ragdolls.  The mink Ragdoll is different from the traditional pointed Ragdoll in that the fur is even softer, much like that of mink.  The mink Ragdoll kittens are born with color and the color is darker and much more intense than that of the pointed Ragdoll.  Most minks have aqua eyes instead of blue.  Mink Ragdolls are exactly like the pointed Ragdoll when it comes to their temperament and character.  They are very loving and laid-back just like all other Ragdolls.  Mink Ragdolls are very rare and becoming increasingly more popular.
What is a Solid Ragdoll?

    The term 'solid' (nonpointed) is also referred to as 'self-colored'.  The body color and the point color of the Solid Ragdoll are the same, a single color throughout.  This is in contrast to the 'pointed' variety, where the body color is a shade or more lighter than their point color (ears, nose, tail, legs).

    Genetically, Solid Ragdolls are as much a Ragdoll as their Pointed partner.  Both variations can be traced back to the original Ragdoll lines.  The focus in the early 60's was to promote the Ragdoll as a blue-eyed Pointed cat, while still using the Solids in their breeding programs.  Previously admired from afar, Solid Ragdolls are now coming to the forefront and being accepted for their own beauty and genetic contributions to the breed.

    What color/pattern does a Solid Ragdoll come in?  Solid Ragdolls can be seen in the following colors: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, blue-cream, calico, and white.  All these colors can be accompanied by Tabby, Smoke, or Silver.  The overlaying patterns are the same for both the Solid and the Pointed Ragdoll, being either:
* solid-no white (equivalent to the colorpoint pointed-variety)
* bicolour (with white inverted V on face, white paws, white backlegs, white bib, and white belly)
* mitted (with white chin, white mitts on front, white backlegs, white bib, and white belly)

The Ragdoll's eye color requirements in general are as follows:
* color points: blue eyes
* solids: all colors including odd eyes, preference to be given to green
Seal Mitted Mink
Male (Blue Mitted Mink)
King Isaiah Rhys (Seal Mitted Sepia Mink Male with a Blaze)
Missy (Seal Colorpoint Lynx Mink Female)
Black & White Bicolor Lynx Solid Female
Gremlin Girl (Seal BiColor Mink Female)