We have traditional, solid and mink Ragdoll kittens for sale !!!

Call for available kittens at 404-904-0706


Baileys Ragdolls is licensed through Gwinnett County Business and also has a Pet Dealer License through the GA Department of Agriculture.  Should you have any questions or need to see either license, please feel free to contact us.

To view more previous kitten photos in our Kodak gallery, along with some of our kings and queens, you can click here.

Seal Mitted Mink-6-b-smallSeal Mitted Mink Seal Mitted Mink-6-a-smallSeal Mitted Mink

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One of my previous kittens called Prince, now living in Holland.


Image6Blue Mitted Image21Seals with my grandchildren
Image8Seal Colorpoint Image10Blue Colorpoint
Image5Seal Colorpoint Lynx Image22Flame Mitted
Image2Blue Colorpoint Lynx Image15Tortie Lilac Mitted with my grandson
Image19Blue Colorpoint Image18Blue Colorpoint
Image7Blue Mitted Image1Seal Mitted with Blaze
 Image14Seal Colorpoint Image11Chocolate Bicolor
Image12Flame Mitted Image17Seal Colorpoint
Image9Chocolate Bicolor Image16Seal Mitted
Image23Seal Mitted Lynx Image24Blue Colorpoint
Image4Blue Mitted Image13Seal Colorpoint
DelaneyOscar0916Delaney & Oscar (Sept. 16, 2008) DelaneyOscar0311Delaney & Oscar (Mar. 12, 2009)
DSC 0722-(Large)"Miss Rosetta" (Seal Mitted)  Rosetta2"Miss Rosetta" (Seal Mitted)
DSCN1443Flame Colorpoints DSCN1446Flame Colorpoints
Gracie-and-Gabriel-Oct---De"Gracie" and "Gabriel" DSC 0722-(Large)Seal Mitted
 Seal Mitted MinkSeal Mitted Mink  Seal Mitted Mink-4Seal Mitted Mink
Seal Mitted Mink-3Seal Mitted Mink Seal Mitted Mink-2Seal Mitted Mink
Seal Mitted Mink-99Seal Mitted Mink Seal Mitted Mink-6Seal Mitted Mink

Seal Mitted Mink-7Seal Mitted Mink

Seal Mitted Mink-55Seal Mitted Mink